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TruckTrack – The first integrated tour and charging unit management with documentation and real-time tracking.

TruckTrack - The Truck Tracking App

TruckTrack is a company backed by 20 years of experience in the transport logistics industry. We know from personal experience the requirements and desires of managing the logistics of tracking goods, personnel and assets. Truck track is a product which we put into practice in our own shipping logistics business. We understand the technical requirements and specifications of an Internet-based management system for transport logistics.

The smart phone app component of our solution provides an easy and intuitive interface which requires little user training by drivers. The smart phone app is available for free from your phones app store. The truck|track system can be integrated into an existing IT structure or used as a stand alone solution. In our design of truck track there is flexibility in how truck track can be implemented into your business. If you have further questions about implementing or using truck track please feel free to contact us.

As a business you do not have to adapt to long-term investments or complex integration projects, using the truck track solution you can instantly reap the benefits. You can avoid monthly recurring costs and only pay for on use basis. The truck track system reduces unnecessary costs and gets you directly into a modern and efficient fleet management system.


Sophisticated Transport management – With a few mouse clicks you can assign tasks and routes to a driver of vehicle (shipping crate, trailer, etc.). The truck track solution is easy to integrate drivers who are external to your business.

truck|track simplifies the dispatch / driver relationship. Drivers are able to use the truck track app to acknowledge requests and all logistical and position tracking information is readily available.


detailed documented tracking of transactions – with truck tracks two-way integration and communication of information between the dispatch team and driver we enable the best possible all-in-one solution which provides you transport logistical reporting and capture of historical information for your business.

Driver status and task completion is made easy with the truck track system. The truck track system reduces possible disputes and confusion between the dispatch team and drivers; status information is updated real-time and dispatch is able to easily gain a view of the entire current status of any transport tasks.


real time traking – truck track enables you to always know where your driver is. Status information on GPS location, driver disposition and transport condition is all made available in the truck track solution.

You can view real-time the status on the disposition of cargo. Current driver vehicle status, the driver can also report traffic conditions. Truck track reduces uncertainty by providing real-time reporting on tasks, transports and information your logistics



You do not need to add additional hardware or deal with complex installations. Unlike other solutions truck track is immediately available and only a few mouse clicks away. We provide a solution that enables you to focus on your core business and to avoid unnecessary costs in non-core business investments – truck track runs on popular smart phones running Android (iOS coming soon).