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Truck Dispatcher Software developed by logistics experts for logistics experts

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The Logistics Company

TruckTrack is a Trucking Software product that came out of practice. Developed by ATL Logistics, a company that has been operating for 20 years in the business segment of logistics. The two founders of the company were in search of an optimal Truck Dispatcher Software that would offer significant benefits to customers compared to the competition.

Because comparable Trucking Software products in the market had only few of the required features or fulfilled only a part of the needs of modern fleet management, the idea of self-developing such a product was born. Starting with this idea, the company expanded to the business sector of software development. Today, and while full of new ideas about how to improve upon existing solutions in the area of Logistics, the company is fully engrossed in developing a modern and powerful Truck Dispatcher Software.

The story behind TruckTrack - Trucking Software.

TruckTrack started as an extension of a courier service that Ioannis Argiriadis established in 1994 independently, while he was still studying towards a degree in business administration. The orders volume was increased steadily bringing growth to the company.

Today, the management consists of the brothers Ioannis and Lucas Argiriadis. The company employs 40 people and has a vehicle fleet that covers a wide variety of customer requirements. We are currently expanding the core team in the development sector to cope with future requirements of a fully integrated Trucking Software with limitless capabilities. Apart from the Truck Dispatcher Software, another innovation from the TruckTrack team is Arrival Control, a dynamic delivery time estimation tool.