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The integrated GPS Truck Tracking System | Transport Management Software

Real-Time Gps Fleet Tracking Solution

Real Time GPS Truck Tracking

With the GPS Truck Tracking System you can easily track a driver through his mobile phone built-in GPS and the installed truck driver app.

In the web platform a Real Time Tracking of the freight is possible at any time. All information, as current position and status of the freight is available to the dispatcher and customers.

No extra costs or expensive devices

Our Truck Tracking System works through the driver's mobile build-in GPS. You just need a smartphone with the free TruckTrack driver app installed and a PC with Internet connection.

Tracking trucks without driver disruptions

Just login to the system and receive accurate information on driver’s GPS location & live status updates of cargo disposition.

Productivity & profit growth

By knowing the exact state of a truck you can save valuable time and arrange additional transports effectively.

Flexible price packages without contract commitments

Whether you want to locate your company’s or an external truck we offer flexible price tickets adjusted to your needs and depending on usage.


PER TRACK / 30days

Accurate maintenance of trip records

Apart from tracking trucks live, with our innovative GPS truck tracking system you can also view previous routes of your drivers on the map. Get the most advanced insight to your drivers’ on-road performance and check if something is outside of the planned schedule.

Monitor your fleet online with TruckTrack

Transport Management Software

The dispatcher puts together the task order with all necessary information through the Transport Management Software & sends it to the driver.

The driver receives & accepts the transport request with all the details on his mobile phone.

In the task list, you can monitor all tasks and their current status.

Smooth operations flow

Get your work done in time by effective organization of different transport tasks through the Transport Management Software that is integrated within the Truck Track system.

Precise Transport Time Estimation

Truck tracking is now more accurate than ever. Estimate the exact time that a driver will arrive at a desired destination & will complete a transport.

Automated Transport Management Software

With just a few mouse clicks assign tasks and routes to your driver. The driver responds to the assigned task through the truck driver app with just the press of a button. He can also send you text messages or even photos. High automation & predefined steps minimize the risk of mistakes.

Ideal for any business size & fleet

In a demanding logistics environment, Truck Track gives you the ability to organize heavy workflow productively. Even if you have over 100 trucks to manage, our Truck Tracking System makes it all easy.

Keeps you always alert

The TruckTrack Transport Management Software keeps you informed about the status of a transport and potential disruptions so that you can take immediate action and prevent upcoming problems. You instantly receive alarms for different activities not only at the Web-Platform but also at your e-mail.

TruckTrack Transport Documentation

Transport Documentation

Transports are stored and can be filtered easily by name, date, company or driver.

The dispatcher can access all transport documentation and view driver status changes, messages & activities.

He can also locate all tasks and activities on the map.

Export transport data to pdf files and share them with your team.

Smart & compact Documentation

Keep comprehensive documentation of all transport activities in the Truck Track system without the need of spreadsheets. With easily stored history data, you can view & filter any of your transports at any time and for any date specified.

Skips bureaucratic processes

Anyone can view instantly driver details and cargo info at the interface of the Transport Management Software. If you want to contact an external driver, save time by calling him directly and avoid time consuming intermediate ways.

Transparency & Conflict Resolution

Transport Documentation solves disputes between the dispatch team, drivers and clients. Everyone can access detailed reports that are evidence for any transport activity. This includes depth views for various events, as time the driver spent on the road or at customer locations. Pricey transport delays can be easily explained in a transparent way with objective facts and data.

Flexible data usage for tracking trucks

You can have direct access to saved transport records through the web interface of the Truck Track system or export them to PDF files and share them with your team or clients.

Truck Fleet Management Software

Fleet Management

With the Truck Track Fleet Management Software You have direct access to all fleet information. You can easily track a container online, view details & monitor unit conditions.

Organized Truck Tracking in 1 platform

Manage your company's fleet and track usage history. In addition to tracking trucks you can organize your drivers, allow multiple drivers to use the same phone , or allow a driver to log in through any of your company owned phones.

Powerful Loading Unit Management

Loading Unit Management allows you to track containers online & other transport units. You can also store several Loading Unit Information as Inspection Dates, Carriage capacity and damages. State and Location tracking support task scheduling using specific Loading Units, while Inspection warnings and damage reports help you keep your units always in working condition.

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