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How to track a vehicle & manage your trucks| Web and Mobile Application Tour



TruckTrack is a fully integrated online Carrier Tracking Solution, that in cooperation with the mobile trucker GPS app helps you keep track of a wide variety of your company's assets, such as Drivers ,Trucks ,Loading Units and Task Handling. You may enable or disable those features anytime according to your company needs, in order to make usage of TruckTrack easier for your personnel


Basic Tracking


Our web-based Carrier Tracking Solution works in combination with the free trucker GPS App for Android. Just search and download ‘TruckTrack’ in Play Store.

Each smartphone instance is given a unique 6 letter ID such as "2D32AB . In the device management of the web-platform you can search for a device instance via this 6 letter code and add it to your Company Cooperating devices list, requesting some privileges from the device user.

In order to track a vehicle with GPS you need to purchase a tracking ticket for this device and the device user has to accept the requested privileges through the trucker App.


Using the Locate Interface you can track a vehicle with GPS live or View History of your devices on the map.


Task Handling, Reporting and Documentation


TruckTrack offers much more than a simple Carrier Tracking Solution. Especially, if your company is cooperating with external partner company drivers, Transport Management helps you organize tracking access on those partner devices.

You can create a "Transport" and send it as request to a partner driver. Once accepted through the mobile-based trucker GPS app, you can track the driver as long as this "Transport" is active.


Dispos and Drivers can communicate using text messages which are saved and documented within each transport session.

Later on, the Dispo and the Driver have both access on this documentation online, via web interface or printable PDF files.


Setting transport tasks is a great way not only to track a vehicle but also organize your company's workflow. You can assign predefined everyday tasks such as loading within a "Transport" and your drivers can report detailed actions concerning those tasks.

You can view task completion progress ,schedule or action history through the web , map or pdf.


Manage your most important locations, such as cooperating warehouses parking lots etc. You can use those locations within tasks to guide your drivers and improve task scheduling, track a vehicle with GPS or to keep track of your parked fleet units such as "Loading Units" or "Trucks".


Fleet Management


TruckTrack also functions perfectly as a Truck Maintenance Software. Manage your company's Trucks, track usage history and keep vehicle maintenance records.


Organize Your Drivers, allow multiple drivers to use the same phone , or allow a driver to log in through any of your company owned phones. Track action history per driver.


Loading Unit Management is a powerful tool that allows you to keep track of several Loading Unit Information, such as Inspection Dates, Carriage capacity , damages etc.

State and Location tracking aid task scheduling using specific Loading Units, while Inspection warnings and damage reports help you keep your units always in working condition.

Our Truck Maintenance Software provides also Action, Driver ,Truck and Location history related to each loading unit , as well as vehicle maintenance records.


Transportation Group Management


With the integrated TruckTrack Carrier Tracking Solution you can even organize your transportations into groups.

Manage access control on each group for every user in your company.

Grant View/ Create/ Edit/ Delete rights on any group for each user and assign Transports on different groups.